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Melia Kreiling, Mammals

Melia Kraling, Mammals

Luke Varley/Amazon Studios

What are the most popular shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video? I’m glad you asked. Last Friday’s two big releases, the Western English and relationship drama MammalsTake their positions at No. 1 and No. 4 respectively. English Your tolerance for violence can be tested Mammals Your patience for James Corden can be tested. Liam Neeson thriller black light Delisted as Chris Pratt List of terminals Returned to last place. The next big new Prime Video release is Kristen Bell’s movie, so don’t expect any change for a few days People we hate at weddingsReleases November 18.

Below are the most popular new movies and shows on Prime Video, but we’ll also talk about whether or not they’re worth watching. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s good, right? To help you plan what to watch next, we’ve also added new shows and movies coming to Prime Video.

New releases on Prime Video:

  • La Caida/Dive (2022) – drama series about sexual abuse in the world of high diving, starring Carla Sousa. (Nov. 11)
  • English (2022) – Emily Blunt’s stylish western limited series about a woman bent on revenge. (Nov. 11)
  • From the top of my lungs (2022) – Four girl friends are considering getting their choir back together. (Nov. 11)
  • Mammals (2022) – James Corden stars in this dark comedy series about love, relationships and breakups. (Nov. 11)
  • The Mindy Project (2013) – All six seasons of Mindy Kaling’s Fox/Hulu rom-comedy. (Nov. 15)

Coming soon to Prime Video:

  • Passos de heroe (2016) – Colombian movie about kids doing whatever it takes to play soccer. (Nov. 16)
  • People we hate at weddings (2022) – The dark comedy stars Allison Janney, Kristen Bell and Ben Platt as slightly troubled people at a wedding. (Nov. 18)
  • Busco Novia (2021) – A Spanish-language film about a blogger who finds his life changing when it becomes popular. (Nov. 18)

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10 Best TV Shows and Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Emily Blunt, English

Emily Blunt, English

Diego Lopez Calvin/Amazon Studios

1. English

For fans: Pulpy Westerns, fancy Emily Blunt, violent Emily Blunt [Review]
it is good?: Yipee Ki-Yes
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 1

2. terminal

For fans: VR, Western worldSophisticated science fiction
it is good?: The science fiction series is good for die-hard fans of the genre’s literary roots [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 2

3. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

For fans: Elves, orcs, dwarves, hobbits, etc.
it is good?: It lives up to the high expectations placed on it [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 3

4. Mammals

For fans: James Corden (actor), people are fed by relationships
it is good?: it is good
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 4

5. Devil’s Hour

For fans: Evil Peter Capaldi, Dangerous Children
it is good?: It is a very entertaining supernatural thriller with great performances
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 5

More on Amazon:

John Krasinski, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

John Krasinski, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Jonny Cournoyer/Prime Video

6. reacher

For fans: Tough guys who kick butt and do detective work
it is good?: Amazon’s hit action show is great and will be around for a long time [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 6

7. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

For fans: CIA Thrillers, Traveling the World and Shooting It, Jim Halpert
it is good?: It’s a clever book-to-TV adaptation that dads will love
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 10

8. Overdose

For fans: Foreign crime films
it is good?: How do you say “bargain DVD bin” in French?
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 7

9. My policeman

For fans: Harry Styles
it is good?: The period romance is definitely not a must watch unless you love Harry
Trailer | Thursday Rating: 8

10. List of terminals

For fans: Chris Pratt, military thriller, tough guys
it is good?: It is an adaptation of Jack Carr’s book [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 10

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