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Christopher Briney and Lola Tung, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Christopher Briney and Lola Tung, Summer I turned beautiful

Dana Hawley/Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has joined other streamers (well, Netflix) in letting users know what’s most popular among its shows and movies through a Top 10 list. On July 21, Prime Video’s most-watched show is once again List of terminals, Chris Pratt’s military thriller. It follows a dark (and hilarious!) superhero series the boyYA romantic drama Summer I turned beautifuland crime drama reacherIt was released in early February and is still in the top 5.

But a list of shows and movies isn’t enough, so we’ll give you some guidance and let you know which ones are worth your time. We’ll show you what’s coming to Amazon Prime Video so you know what’s on the Top 10 list in the future.

Coming soon to Amazon Prime Video:

  • Anything is possible – Billy Porter’s teen romance about a trans girl (July 22)
  • The Prize Fighter: The Life of Jem Belcher – Play about the birth of boxing (July 22)

Top 10 TV Shows and Movies on Amazon Prime Video

For fans: Military adventure, tough guys | it is good?: It does the trick

Chris Pratt stars in this adaptation of Jack Carr’s novel as a Navy SEAL is swept up in an undercover operation, but becomes a target himself when his recounting of what happened doesn’t match what the government says. Let the conspiracy theories begin! (Yesterday’s Rank: 1)

For fans: Super heroes, superheroes, super heroes | it is good?: That is very good

Eric Kripke’s adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book is now in its third season, making it the best superhero show on TV for people who don’t like superheroes. It follows a group of corrupt superheroes and the corporation that runs them, as well as the vigilante group focused on bringing them down and exposing them for who they really are. It’s also delightfully disgusting and grim. (Yesterday’s rating: 2)

For fans: Young love, beach vacation | it is good?: What it does is good

Get some of those summer beach vibes without any sun in this YA romance from author Jenny Hahn (To all the boys I’ve loved before) The series follows a young woman named Belle (Lola Tung) on ​​her annual family vacation to a Massachusetts beach town, where she becomes involved in a love triangle between two rowdy brothers. This one is for Swifties. (Yesterday’s Grade: 3)

For fans: Tough guys who kick butt and do detective work | it is good?: It rips

Move over Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher finally gets the adaptation (and leading man) he deserves for the role as Alan Richson plays the ex-military cop who now spends his time roaming the country and solving the problems he finds. It’s Amazon’s latest potential violent force. (Yesterday’s Grade: 4)

For fans: Young horn men and their dumb problems | it is good?: It is as empty as its subjects

Forever Summer: The Hamptons Bravo and VH1 are Amazon’s attempts to enter the entertainment space. A group of young people gather in the Hamptons for a summer of drinking, hooking and talking. (Yesterday’s Rank: 5)

More on Amazon:

For fans: Complex family dynamics, summer camp feel | it is good?: it’s OK

This new show had a fairly quiet release as it was Amazon’s first original Canadian series (why so biased, America?), but it’s worth checking out if you like an easy-going comedy about messy family issues. Jordan Gavaris (Orphan black) as a man reuniting with his daughter (Madison Shamoon), who he gave up for adoption years ago, visits his family’s lake cabin and runs into his uptight stepsister (Julia Stiles). (Yesterday’s Grade: 6)

For fans: Melodrama, Italian accents | it is good?: It’s a little disappointing

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga star in this biopic of the Italian fashion family who ate so much as the members who grappled for control of the iconic brand. (Yesterday’s rating: 7)

For fans: Top Gear, travel shows | it is good?: If you want a virtual Italian vacation, sure

former Top gear Presenter James May takes to travelogue in this series, where he shows the world. After exploring Japan in Season 1, he travels to Italy in Season 2. It will be as you imagine. (Yesterday’s rating: 8)

For fans: The tears, the father-daughter road trips, the twists | it is good?: It has a WTF ending

John Cho plays a terminally ill man who goes on a road trip with his daughter to attend his 20th college reunion, where he secretly hopes to reunite his daughter with her long-lost mother. It ends with a controversial twist ending that will make you scream to the heavens. (Yesterday’s rating: 9)

For fans: Fighting with women, the act of spying | it is good?: not really

An all-star cast (Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o) joins this gritty film about international female spies working to stop the next world war. (Yesterday Rank: n/a)

Based on Amazon Prime Video’s top 10 movies and TV shows list for Thursday, July 21

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