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As the streaming wars between Netflix, Disney Plus and more continue, Amazon Prime Video Certainly the reason why it should be crowned makes them all the better. Streaming services have taken over both cable and movie theaters of late, and for many reasons.

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With Amazon Prime Video, viewers can expect an abundance of content they can’t watch on cable TV or in movie theaters. There’s a lot to love about Amazon Prime Video and many other streaming services that don’t.

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7/7 Documentary films

val documentary on Amazon Prime Video

While other streaming services have documentaries, Amazon Prime Video certainly seems a lot friendlier when it comes to putting documentaries on their platform. These range from the emotional journeys of Val Kilmer’s career in VAL or the quite wild, like an alien documentary series. Amazon Prime Video has hundreds of documentaries to explore.

Audiences can expect something worse from Jeremy Clarkson with an educational look at farming or a murder documentary. With a variety of genres, there is much to explore in the documentary segment.

6/7 Detailed categories

Jack Ryan is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video

Most streaming services provide the basic genres that everyone knows. These range from action, comedy, thriller, and more. However, Amazon Prime Video offers a variety of categories and enables viewers to find anything they like. Some genres, like the “LGBTQIA+ Amazon Originals” genre, are great for inclusion and diversity. A large number of categories allow viewers to find practically anything.

The great thing about Amazon Prime Video making this a feature for their streaming service is that users won’t have to fish through an ocean of content as they can find whatever they want with so many genres.

5/7 Hidden gems

amazon prime video interface

While other streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus focus more of their attention on creating an abundance of original and exclusive content, Amazon Prime Video has done a great job of cornering the market on hidden gems. This means that the streaming service has some great classics that audiences may or may not have heard from years ago or until recently.

Audiences can easily get lost in Amazon Prime Video as they go down a rabbit hole of content for cult classics like classics or sci-fi, or because they’re reminiscing about a movie they’ve long forgotten. period.

4/7 Fun tricks

Guys on amazon prime video

Occasionally, viewers may show fun facts about the movie or that they are watching. Research is usually required to find out facts and trivia, but so absorbed in a performance, the audience may not want to pause to find out certain things. Fortunately for them, Amazon Prime Video has a little feature for the streaming service.

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While watching specific content, users can select an option that allows them to see little things happening on the screen. This can happen with shows and movies; Audiences will get little in the way of behind-the-scenes information.

3/7 Rentability

Rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

While streaming services allow viewers to watch whatever is available as part of the subscription fee, some services such as Disney Plus may charge their viewers a one-time rental fee for more recent releases for movies intended for a theatrical release. Amazon Prime Video can charge users for a movie that isn’t on their streaming service, such as a horror movie.

With Amazon Prime Video, users can search for any movie of their choice and then choose an option to rent or buy the media content. While renting by movie can be relatively cheap, it adds a lot of variety to Amazon Prime Video as users have the option of getting more content; It’s just not free.

2/7 Amazon Prime Delivery

Amazon Prime delivery

Every streaming service is there to entertain the audience every month. This comes with an array of content to enjoy, and more are produced every year to make sure there is a constant and steady stream of entertainment. However, Amazon Prime Video comes with something other streaming services can’t: Amazon Prime Delivery.

Through a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, users now have the ability to select Amazon Prime Delivery in their Amazon account. This means they can get next-day delivery or sometimes same-day delivery when purchasing items on Amazon.

1/7 Adult exclusives and originals

Butcher with powers

Originals and exclusives abound with streaming titans like Disney Plus star wars and Marvel Content, Amazon Prime Video has a few tricks up its sleeve to compete. Amazon Prime Video is leading in buying exclusive streaming rights to certain movies as well as owning the rights to properties like Now. James Bond.

Amazon Prime Video’s content is aimed at an older audience than kids or teenagers, so shows like the boy And highly anticipated The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Both are marketed to a more mature audience, while other streaming services focus on family content.

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