A London designer foresees a fabulous fashion future for fungi: Biofuels Digest | Bot To News

In London, designer Helena Elston debuted a collection of clothing made from mycelium and waste, including discarded textiles and coffee sacks. Called FI, or Fungal Integrated, the line includes a dress, a suite, boots and jacket.

The waste products are integrated into the mycelium as it grows over a period of six weeks. “Growth environments are basically containers where I introduce nutrients and mycelium to the garments at a specific humidity, darkness and temperature,” Elston tells the design publication. Ten. “It’s a speculative and cyclical design process, but still very plausible,” he adds.

Elston is also working on a way to use the mycelium as a sewing material to connect patches of fabric.

“There is a lot unknown about the mycelium, but we know that it is an intelligent living system that interconnects many parts of the ecology,” she says. “I work with mycelium because it is the future of materials. I find it fascinating that we are only just discovering its capabilities; there’s so much more to explore.”

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