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The wheel of timeWe know there’s a good bit to be excited about when it comes The wheel of time Season 2 finale on Prime Video, if one thing remains unclear: an actual wedding date.

When will the vision return? Obviously, that’s something we’d like to have an answer to as soon as possible, but no one behind the scenes seems super keen to rush things. Really, why do they do that? The people at Amazon have some kind of plan for what they’re trying to do here, and such a plan isn’t entirely clear to us on the outside.

Based on the information we do Yes, it feels like their bigger goal right now is just working to ensure that the series ends in a place where it can thrive — and where Prime Video subscribers have an incentive to stick around and watch it. . Part of the reason it didn’t premiere this month is because it also has a suite of programs; The same goes for the next two months. When season 2 potentially premieres this spring, it could be the crown jewel of the lineup, and there’s a lot of hype centered around it.

The biggest reason we feel this way is because we don’t see any clear evidence that the streaming service is starting to lose faith in this show. After all, remember they already renewed it for season 3! Now, if winter/spring arrives and there’s still not much to say about this show or what the future holds, then there’s a chance we’ll feel a little different. We’re not sure we’re at that point right now.

Just know that season 2 is definitely coming, at least as far as we can tell, and the incentive to promote it is plenty.

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