31 Plus Size Fashion Editor-Approved Picks | Who What Wear UK | Bot To News

I’m a fashion editor who obsessively window shops *for fun*, and I’m also plus size. I enjoy developing my personal style and putting together fun yet stylish plus size outfits as much as the next fashionable person, but the struggle of fat fashion lovers is particular. All plus-size people know how demoralizing it is to see a beautiful garment on a straight-sized friend and struggle to find something equally beautiful in larger sizes. Sometimes the search seems desperate, but I’m here to make it a little easier by giving you hints on great plus size stores with stylish clothing from all over the internet.

Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or completely revamp your closet, I’ve selected pieces for every type of shopping need. Ahead, shop a variety of products in every category you can think of, even including a shoe recommendation or two. From trusty jeans and one-of-a-kind outerwear to black-tie-worthy dresses, the selection below has a plus-size piece that’s sure to catch your eye.

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