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ONE Championship’s historic partnership with Amazon Prime Video has delivered fans a series of events highlighted by the biggest finishes in mixed martial arts this year. Having already looked at some of Prime Video’s most impressive knockouts to date, we take a look at three incredible submission wins that happened exclusively on Prime Video.

#3) Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida jaws heel Kirill Grishenko in 64 seconds

Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida has been nothing short of spectacular since making his promotional debut in late 2021. In four bouts, the 17-time BJJ world champion has a knockout and three submission wins, none more impressive than his 64-second submission. Kirill Grishenko on ONE on Prime Video 1 in August.

Battling the hard-hitting Belarusian, many thought ‘Buchecha’ might struggle to get Grishenko to the mat. A minute into the match, those problems were alleviated as he scored a shot and an easy takedown. As Grishenko tried to escape, ‘Buchecha’ grabbed his leg and, in a flash, locked in a nasty heel hook, forcing the tap out seconds later.


#2) Kade Ruotolo makes history… again

Fresh off his historic run at the ADCC Submission Fighting World Championships, Kade Ruotolo made history once again, becoming the world champion in ONE’s first ever lightweight submission fight on Prime Video 3.

Facing a dangerous sambo world champion in Uali Kurzhev, Ruotolo displayed complete dominance, taking Kurzhev back just 30 seconds into the match. Ruotolo maintained control for nearly two and a half minutes before Kurzhev managed to loosen him up and separate him.

The breakaway didn’t last long as Ruotolo stayed in hot pursuit. Rolling over, Ruotolo locked in a vicious heel hook, leaving Kurzhev no choice but to tap out at 4:26 into the match.


#1) Daniel Kelly returns with a voice from ONE on Prime Video 4

Submission wrestling star Danielle Kelly made waves in her ONE Championship debut at the promotion’s 10th anniversary show in March. After eight long months, Kelly returned to the ring with the sambo world champion Maria Molchanova.

From her back, Kelly pulled Molchanova to her guard. Just 25 seconds into the match, Kelly transitioned to Molchanova’s back and immediately began fishing for a back naked choke. After about 90 seconds of hand-to-hand combat, Molchanova made it back to her feet with Kelly riding her like a backpack.

With the body triangle locked in, Kelly readjusted her grip and fought for the finish. Unable to break Kelly’s hold, Molchanova hit the canvas, which allowed Kelly to choke further. Unable to break the hold, Molchanova tapped out at 2:15.


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