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Founders of dark Another twisty horror series brings us. 1899 Available to stream now, but which platform?

If you’re in the mood for a twisted thriller, look no further than the latest release 1899. It comes from the mind dark, and it follows a group of immigrants from different parts of Europe. They all board a ship in London to go to New York City.

It’s time to follow the American dream. That’s all they want, and they think this journey is the last hurdle to get there. If only things were that simple. On the way, they find another migrant ship adrift at sea. Their journey quickly turns into a nightmare when they realize they are trapped in a series of puzzles.

This is one extravagant watch you don’t want to miss. Now you want to know which streaming platform the new series is on.

1899 on Prime Video?

We have bad news to start the post. This series is not available on Prime Video. You can’t watch it for free with your Prime membership.

Now there is only one streaming platform to watch it. The series is available on Netflix.

It’s a Netflix Original Series, which means we’ll never see it on Prime Video. Netflix and Amazon don’t need to share content right now.

1899 on Amazon Video?

Some streaming shows get a digital release. Will this be a similar case? This is where we bring more bad news.

The series will not be coming to digital. We don’t get a lot of Netflix shows available on digital because that drives people away from streaming. dark Didn’t go digital or DVD, so no reason to think this one will. That means it won’t be available on Amazon Instant Video for purchase.

1899 Now available to stream on Netflix.

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