14 fashion rules that are made to be broken | Bot To News

Knowing which fabrics are best for each time of day, weather, or occasion is helpful in helping you get your outfit right most of the time. However, as fashion references and habits evolved, strict guidelines rooted in pre-World War I dress codes became pointers to consider rather than actual rules that were followed on a daily basis. So these days most people aren’t bound by “Downton Abbey”-like rules when it comes to materials and textures, and are allowed to have a little fun playing around with fabrics.

A little shine is allowed during the day, especially if you keep two styling tricks in mind. Choose pieces that are traditionally associated with muted sparkle, such as a hippie silk dress with Indian gold embroidery or bejeweled, or a knitted sweater with metallic details. You can also style your outfit to tone down the sequins, glitter or embellishments, making that shiny piece look more casual. As Olivia Lidbury, fashion editor at John Lewis, points out, “The trick to wearing sequins on the day lies in mixing the high with the low, so offset the fun and frivolity of the sparkles (the high) with something personalized or somber (the low ). ).”

And, of course, we can’t forget the leather in a golden or silver tone. Metallics are always appropriate in accessories for the day, but also in skirts that have been worn in countless looks over the last few seasons.

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